Looking for a Mister

Misters are typically found in restaurants with a tropical or outdoor theme. These usually ward off the heat and keep the customers comfortable. But do you know that you can install one at home? Using low pressure variants, one can remain in comfort and relax outdoors and enjoy the summer sun.

Aside from people, misters also help your pets keep cool and your plants hydrated. Thinking of getting a water mister? Here are some of the most common types that are available in the market. Read on to know what type you should opt to buy and is perfect for your needs.

If you own a business, then misting systems are the best option for you. This type covers massive areas, perfect for restaurants, villas, pools, and golf clubs. Misting systems are also used by the agricultural sector in keeping the animals cool and protected. Greenhouses also benefit from misting systems by hydrating and moisturizing greeneries. Number of nozzles typically goes beyond 20, and pipes can even reach more than 50 feet. Misting systems are ideal only for commercial used, since these use up a lot more water.

widePersonal misters are perfect for people who like their skins kissed by the summer sun. If you like to stretch out in your yard and feel the sun rays against your body for a nice tan, then you should opt for this variant. Personalvariants are typically flexible yet sturdy, so it can adjustable to one’s position while bathing in sunlight. Some of these can also be installed in lawn chairs and poles to really isolate the misting experience. This type is simply installed through a garden hose and controlled by a faucet. A single nozzle mister is opted for this variant.

When covering large areas such as a garden or a yard, one may opt to install a Patio Mister. This type of misters has an array of nozzles that expel vast amounts of water droplets, forming a blanket of mist for your garden. This is perfect for summer gatherings in your backyard or picnics. Make your friends and pets more comfortable with the Patio Mister. Multiple mister systems can also be installed for wider area coverage. Similar to other forms, this is also connected to a faucet, and controlled using such.

If you want to mist larger areas, you may also opt to use misting fans, which, combined with a mister, help circulate atomized water droplets. Misting fans can blow of mist to a length of around 20 feet, cooling down a great area. It is also advisable to install more than one misting fan to spread out the water droplets. Misting fans installed with misters and misting pumps can also be mounted or free standing.

Finally, if you want to complete the misting experience, then fogging systems would be your go-to. This is a specialized form of misting that adds a different and mysterious aesthetic appeal to pools and restaurants that have misting systems. Variants with fogging system can also enjoy the additional cooling effect bought by the fog. The thickness of the effect may also be controlled.

meaningWhile these are a good way to ward off the summer heat, one must always be aware of the different types to avoid over spending. There’s a perfect mister for everybody – one that suits your needs and fits your budget. If you want a cooling system for your home, you may opt for a personal or patio mister. For business owners, then adding misting fans and complete misting systems are the perfect ways to go. For those who want to add a different flair to their misting systems, the fogging systems should be a good option.

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